As per recent survey 23% of startups fail for not having a right technical team which was also the 3rd most common reason to fail. Most startups still look for technical co-founder in-town at local tech meetings or online on forums and community sites, essentially ending up making decisions with limited options.

Why Us

Startups of today is domain expertise plus digital presence. Startups of future will be domain expertise plus A.I. The startups need strong technical team which can stay updated with various technologies and align with business objectives. We have 20 plus years of experience in software development and digital presence for more than 100 startups. We have built large technical teams in various countries

Regulatory Compliance

Understanding of FDA, HIPAA, HITECH Acts, and CARES Act to deliver solutions that are compliant and secure with a global partner ecosystem.

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Uninterrupted Delivery

Evolutionary operational processes with global remote team for on time delivery and meeting the highest quality standards.

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Agile Development Approach

Rapid project delivery with seamless communication between all stakeholders and detailed documentation for training and continuous support.

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Flexible Engagement Options

Tailor-made engagement plans to fit every small or big need with complete scalability of technology resources.

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CoE Delivery Model

Centers of Excellence Ecosystem in assorted technologies to facilitate the delivery of cutting-edge technology solutions with best practices using our global partner.

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Extensive years of experience

Extensive experience in delivering successful cutting-edge IT services and solutions to the various industry verticals.

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Long Term Thinking

Partnership based relationship with like-minded goals of building product success.

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What We Do


Helping you realize and build your vision by helping to assemble a technical delivery team and leading them to develop a product jointly.


Taking a product or idea and helping to move it to the future state of excellence.


Transforming your system into new age tech such as microservices.


Assessment of your current applications and development state to achieve better guaranteed outcome.

Engineering Culture

Writing production-quality code and Performing product evaluations.


CoMeet potential investors.


Writing technical roadmaps and white papers.


Helping you realize and build your vision by helping to assemble a technical delivery team and leading them to develop a product jointly.

Due Diligence

Vetting technology stacks, service vendors for better alignment.

How It Works

Apply for Program

Evaluation and

Raise Capital / CoFunding

Upto 50% Co-Investment of Technology Costs

Case Studies

Academics to Career Pathway -

Edutech platform Highly scalable, secure and reliable platform using deep analytics and assessment technologies.

Career Success Platform -

SASS Platform B2C community platform for creating successful careers using digital profiles.

About Us

tecofoundēr is a division of Opibus talentech a part of Opibus Holdings based in California, USA. tecofounder formed to build technology solutions that deliver business value for our portfolio of startups. In collaboration we aim to make this value real and measurable; be it in the form of new revenue streams, improved efficiencies or strategic drivers

As a team of professionals we possess a wide range of experience, competencies and technical skills. These have been applied successfully in a variety of business sectors: healthcare, education, various corporate and Government sectors amongst others.

We partner ecosystem comprises of various industry experts, design thinkers and studios who provide seamless solutions and delivery expertise. We are globally active across North America, Canada, UK and India."

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