We're An On-Demand Technical Cofounder

Technology Partner For Seed to Late Stage Startups


What We Do: Co-Invest To Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Vision

Tecofounder helps startups and product companies build web, mobile, and cloud products. We co-invest and operate as a technical co-founder with the capabilities entrepreneurs need to implement their vision, raise capital, and build a business.


After applying we will evaluate the opportunity for partnering together and accept you into the program


We will help you raise capital and co-invest up to 50% of the technology costs.


Depending on what stage your company is at, we get to work on building the product and technology operations.


We work with you to scale product and operations through subsequent rounds of funding and growth.

How We Work

Develop ideas into functional applications ready for initial users and investors.

Updating existing products with additional features, UX, or technology.

Build the team the product needs as evolves in the long-term.

Why Partner

Startups are driven by technology. Operating without a technical co-founder puts them at a disadvantage. We co-invest and become a delivery partner that is on-demand and proven.

Finding a co-founder on the spot is very difficult. Rather than taking a chance on an individual, we're a known outcome.

We co-invest on technology expenses with you to operate a true partner that is fully aligned and bought into your vision.

Most vendors are designed for standard project work. We understand building something new is very different.

We've done this before. We've been building technology operations for startups for over a decade.

Startup growth is unpredictable. We're ready to scale tech-ops when the moment comes.

Products need the right operations supporting them to develop successfully. We know how to build both.

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